fantastic performance and installation

On June 21st at 10AM we pushed the new gold cart from The Sculpture Center to Toby’s Plaza and printed until 5PM when we returned to The Sculpture Center for Quittin’ Time Happy Hour. Despite the heat the performance, installation, and happy hour were successful.Jello_table_top_webCrowd_Cart_Plaza_web Cart_In_Gallery_web Drawer_o_dollars_web

final print is finished

Here’s a detail from the 4-color silkscreen print edition homage to Lilly & Ruth. It’s available as one of our prizes for pledging Kickstarter project.

homage to Lilly & Ruth

homage to Lilly & Ruth

Kickstarter is launched!

cuting moneyToday, we launched the Kickstarter campaign. Thanks so much for any support you can give to help us reach our $770 goal by June 28, 2013.

Making Money the Harder Way Kickstarter