A very heartfelt thank you to everyone who contributed to the success of Making Money !

Laura Ahmed

Tammy Renee Brackett

Janet A. Clark

Kristen Cliffel

Airrion Copeland

Jen Craun for designing the Making Money brochure

L.S.C. Designs for fabricating the Making Money letterpress cart

JoAnn Dickey

Cornelia Emery

Victoria Emery

Judi Feniger

Laurie Garrett

Jamye Jamison

Brandon Juhasz

Miles Hochhalter Lewis

Liz Maugans

Michelle Murphy

Sheila Pearson

Robin Packel

Darice Polo

Nicole Rademacher

Eric S. Reitz

Holly Rembielak

Angie Schmitt

Nicole Schneider

The Sculpture Center

Kate Snow

Danielle Uva

Rita & David Wachs

Kirsten Willders

Zygote Press


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